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            北京亨通瑞美園林綠化有限公司是中國花卉協會會員單位,專業從事園林綠化,北京綠植租擺公司。綠植租擺價格100元-1000元方案惠顧新老客戶,面向辦公室綠植租擺,物業綠植租擺,商場綠植租擺,酒店綠植租擺,慶典花籃,商務鮮花,牌樓亭子等服務。我們将以合理的價格,完美的服務,爲客戶營造幽雅舒适的辦公環境,保持清新而愉悅的工作心情,以一顆感恩的心面對市場,爲廣大客戶創造更多的綠色空間。選擇拓美,你就選擇了綠色,選擇了健康!

            Beijing Hengtong Yuanlin Flower Management Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive environmental horticulture company focusing on the decoration and maintenance of unit green plants, indoor three-dimensional landscape plants research and development and planting, design and construction, maintenance and maintenance in one. The company mainly in office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other groups of green plant rental maintenance services, we have been to help enterprises improve air quality, enhance the corporate image as the mission; Customer service as the center, to staff development as their own responsibility. We are a professional potted flower supplier, a professional green plant rental company, with experienced maintenance team, familiar with plant maintenance habits, to meet the needs of various enterprises and institutions office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, schools and other places of indoor landscaping design, maintenance, business flowers. In recent years, he has been participating in the three-dimensional greening industry summit Forum, introducing the relevant technology of indoor three-dimensional plant wall, and undertaking the construction and maintenance of indoor plant wall. After years of market research, he found that urban people are eager to have their own desktop small garden. Families can have their own a horticultural garden space to alleviate the pressure of work and life of each life that has grade is the choice of the people, but suffer from does not have, afraid of death, so did not dare to flower, we just want to through their years of experience summed up a set of complete family flowers experience, easy living flower products, guide customers according to the process maintenance family flowers, Greatly save maintenance time, water and so on, will be held on a regular basis "indoor flowers function knowledge lecture" help improve maintenance skills, understand flower culture, let the world without hard to raise flowers and become our prosper great vision of beauty, south to north flowers have the biggest problem is the environment does not adapt, we through to participate in the high-end gardening exhibitions at home and abroad, Imported some high-end storage function of environmental protection air vessel, with this kind of vessel cultivated plants, let the plants adapt to the environment and in the north basin matrix, greatly improve the survival rate of the flowers, through experience, found that the use of energy conservation and environmental protection water flowerpot, the introduction of watered once also can extend the hydrate phase 3-5 times, not only save 60% 80% curing water resources, At the same time, it also solves the problem that urban white-collar workers often go on business trips and have no time to raise flowers, improving the quality of life and making a contribution to Beijing's energy conservation and environmental protection. .



            1. 專家指揮:提供花卉專業知識咨詢和相關解決方案。
            2. 一站采購:最大限度地節約采購成本和時間 。 
            3. 快捷方便:我們配套了方便快捷的運輸系統。
            4. 質量保證:多年的花卉租擺經驗 。 
            5. 實現共赢:“共發展,同盈利”理念的忠實踐行者。








            花卉的室内擺放要遵循以下原則:美學原則,必須通過一定的形式,使其體現構圖合理、色彩協調、形式和諧;實用原則,使花卉擺放符合功能要求;還要兼顧經濟原則 ,...




            門廳是居室的入口處,包括走廊過道等。門廳的裝飾能給人選入爲主的第一印象和感覺,或豪華、浪漫,或規整 、莊重,或高雅、簡潔,可展現出主人的生活情趣。 居室...